2016 Emcee: Brigid Kaelin

2016 Emcee:  Brigid Kaelin

2016 Emcee: Brigid Kaelin

Brigid Kaelin

Kentucky-born songstress Brigid Kaelin is a musician’s musician. One day you’ll find her singing original alt-country-cabaret tunes in a pub in the Scottish countryside, and the next day you’ll find her playing musical saw for Elvis Costello. (Well, that’s happened at least thrice.) She’s equally at ease as a keyboardist in a rock band as she is a yodeling lead singer on “A Prairie Home Companion.” When she’s not on stage, she writes the popular blog “The Red Accordion Diaries,” about everything from tours, traveling, and her newest endeavor: motherhood.

Brigid plays accordion, piano, musical saw, guitar, ukulele and various other things with strings. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her Texan husband and her Scottish son. She adores the metric system and the NHS, and she’ll do pretty much anything for a transatlantic flight.

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