Linda G Davis (Author)

Linda G Davis (Author)

Illustration sketch of woman with arabesque mask, made with dig

Author of the young adult fantasy fiction series Celtic Portal will be autographing copies of her newest novel Celtic Portal Receptor. The series, set between Taos, NM and ancient Ireland, cleverly weaves Irish mythology, folklore and history into an epic tale. The ancient gods and goddesses have moved on to the world of virtual reality and DNA manipulation. When they entered the time portal, they took with them the treasured box that holds the world in balance and their unresolved battle for dominance. Now mortal, two opposing factions are plotting a return to their former glory.

Chosen to tip the scales in the balance of power, Fianna, a sixteen year old receptor, comes to realize that her presence has unleashed forces she never believed existed. In a world of secret and fluid alliances, it is hard to know who the enemy is.

For every good there is an evil, but the odds are heavily weighted against success. Fianna soon discovers that the price of victory may be her life.

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